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A glass of wine tonight will undo your good work

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment
Bottle and glass of Malbec wine from Mendoza A...

Bottle and glass of Malbec wine from Mendoza Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After saying that I realise I’m now not your favourite person.

But first let me reassure you, as I write this, I am enjoying a lovely glass of red wine. But I’m fully aware of the amount of calories I’m consuming and the fact that it’s sugar base will affect my carb intake for the day.

On a Friday evening, when all you want to do is get to the bottom of that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to forget the stresses of the working week the last thing we are worried about is the calories, they don’t really count do they? You deserve it don’t you?

You may well deserve a drink, but those calories DO count. And if you ignore them they WILL undo all your hard work in the gym and healthy eating for the last week.

The average glass of red wine will contain 170cals, but let’s be honest, at home, you’re not pouring ‘bar’ measures!

170cals will take you 30mins or walking, 10 mins on the Cross Trainer (flat out) and about half an hour of resistance training to burn off.

And of course, you were just going to have one glass of wine tonight, right!!!

Go on, work out how long you’ll need to spend working out tomorrow to burn off what you intend to drink tonight – Work it Out!

Now, are you going to feel like working out for that long tomorrow? Probably not. So where will those calories end up? Yes, they’re carbs so those little rascals will get converted and stored as fat. Probably replacing the very fat you’ve been successfully burning off Monday – Thursday!

So, by all means, relax on the sofa tonight with your partner, share a bottle of wine as you chat through your week and your plans for the weekend ahead. But remember, you’ll pay for it, either in the gym, or on your hips!