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Why Five a Day?

March 28, 2013 Leave a comment

OK! So in the UK we’re told we need to eat 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s a bit simplistic admittedly but it points the general population in the right direction and gets them in the mindset that they need to be eating fresh food and a healthier diet.

5 a day really, in my opinion should be the minimum. In the US they say 9 a day! Doesn’t have the same ring to it, for us, at least, since 5 has been drilled into us since the NHS started a health campaign with the cancer charities way back in 1991.

Anyone reading my blog will be interested in health anyway so I don’t need to bang on about the numerous health benefits to fruit and veg – the vitamins, minerals, digestive benefits, slow release carbs, non processed foods etc etc etc. You know all that.

But what I will point out is – be varied with your choices. Each plant has a different make up and composition so keep it varied, opt for different varieties, try new recipes and ways of eating them, get creative.



The best health tracker app around

January 12, 2013 2 comments

OK! We’re all on it, the January health kick.

Watching calories and fat content, working out more and promising ourselves this year, it’ll be different, this time you’ll stick with it, this year you’ll get that six pack.

So, if you are serious about it this time, get serious and download this app from the App store, MyNetDiary

It’s completely free, and no I’m not on commission. I use it.

It’s a great of keeping a food diary and it’s database has pretty much every brand and food you can imagine. All with protein / carb / fat content and all the other nutrients too.

It tells you what your daily allowance is given your weight loss goals.

It calculates how many calories you’ve burnt in exercise, which means you have more to consume that day

It analyses your diet to tell you how to improve – too little, too much, too much cholesterol, too little fibre or iron

It tracks your weight loss

It does pretty much everything for you, apart from lose the weight.

Check it out, download it, use it, and watch yourself get healthy.

Then come back and thank me for introducing it to your life!

It’s also online here, but I find the app FAR more useful


Pre-Christmas detox

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment

OK, so I may have been reaching for the chocs a bit too much recently. I need to get down to my fighting weight before Christmas so this week is very focused on weight-loss.

LOADS of cardio at the gym, and I mean hardcore cardio – sweaty HIIT to really get the blood pumping and the fat melting.

AND a very restricted diet.

Day 1 – fruit only

Day 2 – vegetables only

Day 3 – fruit and vegetables only

Day 4 – vegetables and chicken only

Day 5 – bananas, vegetables and chicken only

Day 6 – eggs, vegetables and chicken only

Day 7 – PALEO

So, starting tomorrow, here I go!


Health and fitness – what’s the difference?

July 25, 2012 1 comment


When you say you want to be fit, do you mean healthy? When you say you want to be healthy, do you really mean fit?


Health and Fitness are two distinct terms.


HEALTH – is a measure of general well-being.

It can be affected by many things, including food, environment and diease.

It’s a general term describing the overall state of someone’s mind, body and spirit. Good health – free from illness or disease, no suffering from an impairment. It’s vague! Being healthy DOES NOT mean you are fit.


FITNESS – is a measure of physical capability. 

Fitness is almost entirely the result of action.

Consuming a certain food or drink is not going to make you fit. They can help your performance and enable you to train for longer and harder.


Increasing your fitness boosts your health 

The benefits are virtually endless – check out an earlier post of mine “Why Exercise”


You can be lucky and be healthy, with fitness there’s only one way to improve it, work at it.