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mini abs and legs circuit

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Doing this circuit three times should take you around 15 minutes.

It’s a great little circuit to keep you in the fat burning zone and target those areas of the body most of us girls need to tone up – our tummies and our thighs.

Remember – good technique counts for everything, not speed. So do the exercises precisely, keeping your body in line and under control. If you go fast and crazy you’re wasting your time and the only person you’re cheating is yourself.


mini abs and legs mini circuits. Sit-ups, press-ups, leg lifts, plank.

mini abs and legs mini circuits. Sit-ups, press-ups, leg lifts, plank.



Watch the muscle boys

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment
Dang Nguyen at L.A Fitness

Dang Nguyen at L.A Fitness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I love weight-training. There’s something uber satisfying about the burn and the ache afterwards. I know, I know, I need to do cardio too. But if I’ve had a bad day, you’ll find me in “muscle beach” with the boys at FX Leisure.


And as much as their grunting and weight-dropping drives me loopy, watching the serious beef-cakes do their workouts you can see some great exercises!


So next time, you’re in there, take a good look at the muscle-bound and see what exercises they’re doing to train.


But remember, for them, it’s as much about being seen to be lifting heavy weights as it is for training. So their form is often bad, with swinging arms, back bending and ineffective movement.


So, keep your weights lighter, do more reps but keep your form correct for your exercise. Yes, you’ll be lifting less, but you’ll be working your muscles correctly, and more importantly not storing up injuries.



Ultimate shoulder workout

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m a bit obsessed with making sure I work all parts of my shoulders when I’m weight-training. So these are the exercises I do on a weekly basis as part of my training.


Shoulder press – working the side and front deltoids. I use dumbbells because they allow the muscles to move in their natural plane. Don’t lock your elbows otherwise you reduce the resistance on your shoulder muscles and place stress on the joint.

Side lateral raise – works the side deltoids. I prefer to use the cables for this, but if someone’s hogging them then I use dumbbells. You’ll probably have to use lower weights for this one. Lift the weights out to  shoulder height, but keep your elbows bent.

Front raise – hits the front delts. To be honest, I often forget this one but it is good. Either with dumbbells or the cables, or even a circular plate. Again, keep your elbows slightly bent.

Upright row – ooh I love this one. It works the front and side delts and traps. Go for a low cable or dumbbells, hold at the top of the movement.

Rear delt raise – do this at the end of the session as they’re used mostly during back movements so get more work on a regular basis anyway.


Health and fitness – what’s the difference?

July 25, 2012 1 comment


When you say you want to be fit, do you mean healthy? When you say you want to be healthy, do you really mean fit?


Health and Fitness are two distinct terms.


HEALTH – is a measure of general well-being.

It can be affected by many things, including food, environment and diease.

It’s a general term describing the overall state of someone’s mind, body and spirit. Good health – free from illness or disease, no suffering from an impairment. It’s vague! Being healthy DOES NOT mean you are fit.


FITNESS – is a measure of physical capability. 

Fitness is almost entirely the result of action.

Consuming a certain food or drink is not going to make you fit. They can help your performance and enable you to train for longer and harder.


Increasing your fitness boosts your health 

The benefits are virtually endless – check out an earlier post of mine “Why Exercise”


You can be lucky and be healthy, with fitness there’s only one way to improve it, work at it. 



Pick up those weights

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Build muscle

July 10, 2012 Leave a comment