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3 minutes of exercise a week is all you need!

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment


Oh the media LOVE a good headline don’t they!


Three minutes of exercise a week is all you need to improve your health – yes really!


So, all gyms, personal trainers and fitness fanatics better pack up and go home now.




the techniques they are referring to is HIT training – High Intensity Training


And yes, you don’t do long protracted periods of this training , it’s short sharp bursts. Simply because, as the name suggests it’s High Intensity and you simply couldn’t keep up with that pace for more than 30s at a time!


So if you’re interested in incorporating HIT into your weekly workouts you can. Pick an exercise – running, cycling for example. Then do 1 minute at about 60-70% of your biggest effort, then 20-30seconds at 95-100% of effort, then repeat as many times as you can. Beginners will manage about 5 repetitions, intermediates probably 10 times and advanced 15. Quite frankly if you can do it for more than 15 reps you’re not pushing hard enough on the 95-100%.