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How not to pile on the festive pounds

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Let’s not kid ourselves. The next few weeks we are all going to eat and drink to excess. And even the most healthy of us will be hardpressed not to put on a few pounds in weight, and forget about our gym memberships until January 1.

But, just because it’s Christmas you don’t have to throw all your healthy eating habits out of the window. Don’t just surrender to the inevitable, because it doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Don’t stop exercising

If you’re away from your usual town and gym, or your gym is shut for the week there are other things you can do. Head out for a run, do toning exercises at home on the beach or in the park. There are Park Runs all over the country which meet every Saturday morning, and some will still by running. Check out their website . You don’t have to sit on the sofa all day do you! And you’ll feel better for it. Plus, if you’re family are driving you mental it’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house!

I’m heading home to Brighton, so I’m away from my gym in Newcastle for 10 days. But I’ve checked out my local Yoga studio, and they’re running classes pretty much everyday except Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I’ve booked myself in for a few Hot Yoga sessions – 30degree heat and yoga, the perfect detox session that makes your body and your mind feel incredible.

Don’t stuff your face

OK! So yes the roast potatos and stuffing look incredible, that Christmas pud and brandy butter is pretty much irrsistable and just about everything on the table could be covered in butter. But you don’t have to succumb. Now, before you all go, but it’s Christmas! Sure, it’s Christmas, but that fat will be on your arse for months. So, if you want to embrace your lardy flabby self then carry on and eat to your hearts content.

But if you actually value the effort you put into your body for the other 51 weeks of the year then temper yourself a bit and exercise your right to have some willpower and say no. And the only people who will say “oh go on” will be those who wish they’d said no 10 years ago and are now carrying their holiday weight from the last decade around the stomach every single day.

Remember – Christmas dinner is essentially meat and vegetables. So have that. Just that, no stuffing, no roast potatoes, no butter. Just stay healthy.

You can do it!



Ultimate shoulder workout

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m a bit obsessed with making sure I work all parts of my shoulders when I’m weight-training. So these are the exercises I do on a weekly basis as part of my training.


Shoulder press – working the side and front deltoids. I use dumbbells because they allow the muscles to move in their natural plane. Don’t lock your elbows otherwise you reduce the resistance on your shoulder muscles and place stress on the joint.

Side lateral raise – works the side deltoids. I prefer to use the cables for this, but if someone’s hogging them then I use dumbbells. You’ll probably have to use lower weights for this one. Lift the weights out to  shoulder height, but keep your elbows bent.

Front raise – hits the front delts. To be honest, I often forget this one but it is good. Either with dumbbells or the cables, or even a circular plate. Again, keep your elbows slightly bent.

Upright row – ooh I love this one. It works the front and side delts and traps. Go for a low cable or dumbbells, hold at the top of the movement.

Rear delt raise – do this at the end of the session as they’re used mostly during back movements so get more work on a regular basis anyway.