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Health and fitness – what’s the difference?

July 25, 2012 1 comment


When you say you want to be fit, do you mean healthy? When you say you want to be healthy, do you really mean fit?


Health and Fitness are two distinct terms.


HEALTH – is a measure of general well-being.

It can be affected by many things, including food, environment and diease.

It’s a general term describing the overall state of someone’s mind, body and spirit. Good health – free from illness or disease, no suffering from an impairment. It’s vague! Being healthy DOES NOT mean you are fit.


FITNESS – is a measure of physical capability. 

Fitness is almost entirely the result of action.

Consuming a certain food or drink is not going to make you fit. They can help your performance and enable you to train for longer and harder.


Increasing your fitness boosts your health 

The benefits are virtually endless – check out an earlier post of mine “Why Exercise”


You can be lucky and be healthy, with fitness there’s only one way to improve it, work at it. 




Why exercise?

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

So exercise….it’s just something you do to lose weight right? WRONG!! It’s about changing your life for today and for the rest of your life!

The list of benefit is HUGE! but here are just a few reasons to exercise

Increased stamina
Increased flexibility
Increased strength
Reduced high blood pressure
Reduced cholesterol
Ideal weight
Reduced stress
Strengthened bones
Strengthened heart
Reduced risk of heart attack
More likely to survive a heart attack
Reduced risk of stroke by half
Reduced risk of diabetes by half
Reduced constipation
Reduced risk of internal haemorrhage
Extended life expectancy
Improved sex life (wayhey!!)
Improved mental alertness
Increased immune system
Improved oxygen transfer to all tissues
Reduction in ageing
Competitive edge
More active social and business life

Three Fs

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