Free training

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Free 3 month Personal Training Programme and Sessions

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To complete my personal training qualification I need to demonstrate that I’ve worked with real people to develop tailored training programmes, that they’ve followed and it’s made a difference.

So I’m looking for three people to train, for free, for three months. I’ll take a detailed lifestyle history, listen to what your fitness goals are and then devise you a programme, which includes workouts and healthy eating recommendations, to help you reach your target. You’ll have to train 4-5 times a week, two of those sessions will be with me, the rest on your own using my workouts.

There’s only a few criteria:

  • You need to live in the Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, area
  • You need to be healthy (no pre-existing medical conditions)
  • You need to be willing to embrace my personal training programme for three months
  • You need to be willing for me to use you as a case study – before and after evaluation of measurements, fitness and attitude to training

If you’re interested – email 

FitGirl Bootcamp – First 5 sessions free

free bootcamp, girls only bootcamp, bootcamp newcastle, bootcamp gateshead, free bootcamp

Only the dedicated few want to train outdoors in this weather, but once Spring gets here I want to start FitGirl Bootcamp.

Now, just because its only girls’ allowed it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. This is for people who know you live in the body you deserve and that you have to work for results. What it does mean is that all the exercises will be tailored for us girls, focusing on those bits we’re all most concerned about – thighs, bums, core and arms – as well as fat loss.

So if you want to get yourself toned up and beach ready, this is for you

  • Dates – the first bootcamp will be in April 2013
  • Location – it’ll take place in Saltwell Park, Gateshead
  • Times – it’ll depend when the most popular time is, but I’m thinking 6:30pm weekdays and 8am Saturdays and Sundays
  • Price – the first five sessions will be free, after that it’ll be block bookings of £15 for five sessions

If you’re interested – email

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