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Get that thigh gap

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Get the perfect butt

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Half marathon training

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Burn 100 calories quick

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Thigh toning

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Watch the muscle boys

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Dang Nguyen at L.A Fitness

Dang Nguyen at L.A Fitness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I love weight-training. There’s something uber satisfying about the burn and the ache afterwards. I know, I know, I need to do cardio too. But if I’ve had a bad day, you’ll find me in “muscle beach” with the boys at FX Leisure.


And as much as their grunting and weight-dropping drives me loopy, watching the serious beef-cakes do their workouts you can see some great exercises!


So next time, you’re in there, take a good look at the muscle-bound and see what exercises they’re doing to train.


But remember, for them, it’s as much about being seen to be lifting heavy weights as it is for training. So their form is often bad, with swinging arms, back bending and ineffective movement.


So, keep your weights lighter, do more reps but keep your form correct for your exercise. Yes, you’ll be lifting less, but you’ll be working your muscles correctly, and more importantly not storing up injuries.



No more bingo wings

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