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Foods that pack on muscle

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Healthy snacks – rainbow fruit sticks

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How to lose weight

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Why Five a Day?

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OK! So in the UK we’re told we need to eat 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s a bit simplistic admittedly but it points the general population in the right direction and gets them in the mindset that they need to be eating fresh food and a healthier diet.

5 a day really, in my opinion should be the minimum. In the US they say 9 a day! Doesn’t have the same ring to it, for us, at least, since 5 has been drilled into us since the NHS started a health campaign with the cancer charities way back in 1991.

Anyone reading my blog will be interested in health anyway so I don’t need to bang on about the numerous health benefits to fruit and veg – the vitamins, minerals, digestive benefits, slow release carbs, non processed foods etc etc etc. You know all that.

But what I will point out is – be varied with your choices. Each plant has a different make up and composition so keep it varied, opt for different varieties, try new recipes and ways of eating them, get creative.


Peanut butter and banana patties

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Simple, easy to make and great for post workout nutrition.

cut banana into rings and layer with peanut butter (reduced fat would be the best option).

Then place in a tupperware container and pop in the freezer.

When you get in from a workout grab a couple to enjoy!

frozen peanut butter and banana post workout snack

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The 90%

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Remember you need a healthy lifestyle

You’ll never achieve your goals if you think it’s all about the 10% of the day you spend working out.

It’s what you do outside of the gym and training that is just as important, the 90% of your day

Eat clean, live clean. Train dirty

Day 7

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Confession time

It’s Friday, I’ve had a crap week at work and I’m desperately in need of some comfort food. I’ve done well all week, so it’s time to undo it. It all started so well and healthy, and then someone cracked open an ironic bottle of champers at work at 4pm and it went downhill. So, here it is. My food for the day, I hang my head in shame and head to the cross trainer in the morning.

Breakfast – USN ultra lean protein shake and a banana

Snack – satsuma

Lunch – two hard boiled eggs and prosciutto di speck

Snack – banana and a glass of champagne

Dinner – Pizza – thin crust vegetable pizza with reduced fat cheese, and………two bottles of red wine – ummmmmmmmm!

Oops, but at least I’m honest!

Back on it tomorrow

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