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Smoking now linked to memory loss

As if the list of diseases and conditions caused by smoking wasn’t enough – lung cancer, mouth cancer, skin aging, teeth rotting, COPD, lung disease, heart disease etc etc etc.

Now, it’s been linked to memory loss too.

Researchers from King’s College London conducted a study of nearly 9,000 people over 50 years old and showed that smoking affected the brain more than high blood pressure and being overweight.

As reported in the Journal of Age and Ageing their research linked smoking to damage to memory, learning and reasoning.

And it wasn’t just a one-off, the research was conducted over a number of years and participants were tested at the start and again after four and then eight years.

Seriously, if you still smoke, you are in my opinion either suicidal or very very stupid. Oh wait, if you’re smoking research shows you probably are the latter!



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