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Make it fun

Hemingway once said ‘When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead’.

Now I’m pretty sure he wasn’t referring to exercise but it is a valid point.

Don’t slog your guts out on the fitness regime or doing workouts that you absolutely hate just because someone has told you they are the best way to lose weight shape up and get fit and toned.

You will just hate every single minute of it and what will happen is you will do it for a few weeks and then give up.

What you need to do is find something you enjoy. Maybe it’s the gym, maybe it’s running, cycling, yoga, dance, anything that gets you moving gets your heart beat up and that you enjoy is going to be good for you.

And because you will love doing it, you will do it more often so it will become part of your life and be beneficial to you forever.

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