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Exercises for dodgy knees

Cross-training, stretching, and strengthening can all help knees stay pain-free.

These exercises target the areas that support the knees including hamstrings, quads, your lower back and butt!

If you’ve got dodgy knees try these exercises two or three times a week, but remember any pain STOP and if you’re not already exercising ease yourself in gradually and build up reps.

1. Straight Leg Lift

Targets: Quadriceps and hip flexors.
What to do: lie on your back, right leg straight and extended, left leg bent with your foot on the floor.
Engage your right thigh muscle and raise your leg until knees are parallel, lower. Repeat 12 times, switch legs. Do three reps on each side. Want more? Hold at the top for 30s

2. Wall Sit
Targets: hamstrings, quads, glutes and core
What to do: Stand with your lower back against an exercise ball resting on the wall. Feet shoulderwidth apart bend at your knees until your legs are parallel with the floor. Then straighten legs rolling back up the ball. Repeat 12×3 reps. Make it harder by holding at the bottom.

3. Bridge
Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, and trunk, including lower back and abdominal muscles.
What to do: Lying on your back knees bent feet on the floor. Use your call and glute muscles to lift your hips off the floor and squeeze your bottom at the top. Relax your glutes and return your bottom to the floor. Repeat 12×3 reps. You can make it harder by holding at the top.
4. Single Calf Raise
Targets: Calf strength and ankle stability call and balance .
What to do: Hold on to the chair or bee near a wall. Lift right leg into a hamstring curl. On your left leg rise up so you’re only on your toes and the balls of your feet lower slowly repeat 12×3 rep On each leg.

5. Calf stretch
Step forward with your right leg keeping the heel of your left leg on the ground feel the stretch through your calf. Hold for 15 seconds and switch legs. Repeat three times on each leg.

6: Quad stretch
Lie on your back right kneebends foot on floor. Bring your left knee into the chest and straighten your leg you may find the lake moves away from your body as you do this hold onto your ankle or calf and pull the leg towards you feeling the stretch down the back. Switch legs.

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